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I offer coaches a safe space to gain awareness and at the same time stretch your coaching skills to reach full coaching potential based on the eleven core competencies of the International Coach Federation (ICF) as updated in early 2020. I undertook my coaching training almost ten years ago and I have been an ICF member in good standing ever since. I received my PCC certification in 2016. I was trained by Menslab (Diploma in Mentor Coaching and Supervision, September 2017) and I have practiced internationally as a Mentor Coach since 2017. I am registered in the International Coach Federation’s Mentor Coaching Registry and I am a Recommended Mentor Coach with ReciproCoach.


I took this picture while at the house of my first and re-current coach. It is a reminder for me to focus my attention on the journey while enjoying it and it is also a symbol of my integrity in “walking the talk” of taking advantage of the support of masterful and professional coaches to further in my work and life adventure.

I offer 10 hours of one-on-one mentor coaching to support you in your ongoing practice and with credentialing.

We discuss and practice the International Coach Federation’s (ICF’s) core competencies and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) markers. We will use a first recording of you coaching a client, to get an indication of the level you are currently coaching and identify the gaps between where you are as a coach and where you want to be. We will then use a second recording to assess progress and finally a third one to confirm your “new” coaching level and provide further feedback.

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