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I n the current world of constant and unrelenting change, you, as a Senior Manager or Executive, seek to understand how to nurture your organisation to be adaptive and innovative. The truth is that these characteristics start within you and then work outwards into your team and organisation. I approach coaching as a process of enquiry that enables you to explore ideas, identify unconscious assumptions, develop new strategies and tactics, learn new skills, and find out what works best for your unique personality and style.

Here are some challenges my clients have encountered:

Antonio is struggling in a managerial role. He cannot keep up with both his own work and the needs of his direct reports. He is capable of so much more than he is doing now but he finds it hard to delegate because the job quality might suffer and lead to a loss of time. He wishes there were more time in the day.

Mari wants to move ahead in her career and is eager to develop her leadership skills and grow in a more exciting and fulfilling role, but she feels confused. She does not know what is holding her back. She wants to get crystal clear on her purpose and navigate the changes that will enable her to bring her uniqueness and her whole self to what she does.

Susan has been working in her company for over 15 years. Initially her job felt like a great opportunity, but lately she suffers because her work doesn’t seem to be appreciated. She has lost her vision and is running on autopilot. Her energy levels are dropping. She is feeling unhappy and ready to move on. But towards what?

Dora is crazy busy trying to raise great kids and grow her career at the same time. This is taking a toll on her health and marriage. She understands she needs to take care of herself so that she can take better care of others. But how can she maintain her responsibilities and  also take care of herself?

Amir’s latest reviews confirm he is highly appreciated for his pragmatism and his drive for results, but he struggles to be a “team player”. His colleagues seem satisfied by the status quo; he strives to move fast and be agile. How can he engage and motivate them to be more productive?

Sam struggles to get others to follow. As a result, he finds himself overwhelmed and does not know how to articulate and share his vision. He does not effectively engage others or inspire and motivate them to take action to achieve their vision and goals. Stress, poor performance and feeling trapped follow.

What is holding you back?

Coaching can help you to challenge your conventional assumptions and experiment with tools and processes designed to support you in trying new things:

in authentic conversations

others and empower them to grow

to new possibilities

in more complex and adaptive ways

and retain talent

more positive cultures in your organization

As a coach, I am also an honest sounding board with whom you can share ideas and thoughts that you may not be comfortable sharing elsewhere.

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