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o you feel the drive to create an environment allows people to flourish and create a ripple effect of inspiration, intention and action? I work within organisations to increase the wellbeing of their people and remove the roadblocks that impede both the people and the organisation from growing. I support organisations to become a place where people are invested and exceed individual and collective expectations. I offer one-on-one coaching journeys as well as team coaching and mentoring, both in person and virtually. In today’s globalised world, many teams are spread across countries; I often see a lot of untapped potential for diversity and inclusion in such teams. I offer virtual team coaching and mentoring to help you improve the quality of your virtual meetings. Corporate journeys usually combine team and one-on-one sessions with some or all of the team members. Team coaching and other corporate coaching programs can be combined with training on specific skills and mentoring to facilitate learning integration.
promote rapid development of individuals and teams

This program is designed to train managers, executives, leaders and supervisors to use coaching techniques in their work relationships.

Integrating coaching conversations with strong leadership skills allows managers and executives to promote rapid development of individuals and teams and fosters leadership potential, all while deepening commitment to personal, professional and organisational goals.

Benefits managers and executives can achieve from the program include:

  • engaging team members
  • co-creating effective relationships
  • fostering creativity and innovation
  • applying learning to the workplace more easily


I am licenced to facilitate Coach U’s Coaching Clinic®

Have you ever experienced frustration when trying to talk to another person–they just didn’t seem to understand what you were trying to say, no matter how hard you try?

I use two tools, The Personal Coaching Style Inventory (PCSI®) and the DISC® to help people understand how to adapt communication styles to connect more effectively in various relationships (teams, projects, etc.).  With a deeper understanding of communication styles, conversations flow easily and leaders learn to flex their styles to support colleagues, clients and customers to really connect with one another, build off each other’s ideas and achieve greater results.

We will use your inventory results to better understand why people respond the way they do during conversations, opening the door to more productive communication. Although these tools are used widely in business, they can also improve the effectiveness of your personal communication and relationships with family and friends.

I help emerging leaders prepare for new levels of responsibility. Coachees gain awareness of the competencies that are already mature and integrated, and define those that need further development, acquiring the ability to read the context and integrate feedback for further development.

During our journey, I might suggest we use the Clifton Strengthsfinder® to shed some more light on your talents. Being aware of your strengths is essential to cultivating your potential. Research shows that people that know and use their strengths are:

  • More engaged at work
  • More productive in their roles
  • Happier and healthier

This program is based on the research of the Italian Institute of Positive Organisations (IIPO®)  and facilitates deep learning by challenging and supporting leaders who want to design and create a better way of working and a more positive organization through culture change.

Chief Happiness Officers are leaders who: 

  • Use happiness as a coherent organisational strategy
  • Support and develop leaders who are aware of their purpose, live their role as service to others and have a personal wellbeing routine
  • Design and implement structures, processes and practices that generate wellbeing and happiness
  • Foster an organisational culture that is oriented around social impact, the promotion of common wellbeing, and a sense of purpose derived from multiple perspectives.


These coaching journeys are based on the needs and priorities of your organization. The Chief Happiness Officer program may be more effective when multiple leaders are engaged.

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